Notice from Akari Suda regarding the change of date of final activity/graduation/termination of various services

than usualSKE48Thank you very much for your support.

today”SKE48 30thSG Suda Akari Special Live Stream” was also announced, but the change in the final schedule of activities andSKE48We are pleased to announce that the graduation performance at the theater has been decided.

● Final event schedule

11moon1daytime running light)

● Graduation performances

program:tenmoon25daytime running light)

Program: “Seifuku no Bud” show

program:11moon1daytime running light)

Performance: “SPOONfestival show

* Cast and start time will be announced later.SKE48We will announce it on the official website.

●Regarding the termination of various services

・Last day of the event → 11moon1daytime running light)

・ Gift acceptance by fan letter →11moon30Until arrival on Wednesday (Wednesday)

SKE48 official blog → 11moon1daytime running light)23:59:59

*Navigation2022year12moon1Sunday (Thursday)23:59:59at

SKE48 Messaging →11moon1daytime running light)23:59:59

SHOWROOM → 11moon1daytime running light)23:59:59

Thank you for your support until the last day of activity.

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