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Table tennis T league opens Women's Nippon Life participating in Ito starts with victory

The women’s season opener took place on the night of the 10th in the national table tennis league, the T League, and Nippon Life Red Elf, aiming for the fifth straight victory, got off to a winning start with the victory of Mima Ito, who participated this season in the rice field.

The Women’s T-League, now in its fifth year, added a team to the regular season this six-team season, and the regular season will run until February next year.

On the night of the 10th, the opening match was held in Ota-ku, Tokyo, where Nippon Life Insurance Co. and Kinoshita Abiel Kanagawa, who are aiming for their fifth straight win, faced off.

In the match, Nippon Life won the doubles in the first match in straight sets, and in the second match, HAYATA Hina, who had the best selection points so far, won the match 3-1 in singles.

In the third game, Ito, who joined the team from this season, participated and faced Miu HIRANO.

Although Ito lost the first game with a score of 7-11, in the second game he took the initiative with a score of 11-4, such as taking 4 consecutive points with his skillful reception and service, and continued to play 2 games. I took it in a row and won the game 3 to 1.

After winning Game 4, Nippon Life started the season 4-0 and got off to a strong start to their fifth straight win.

Moreover, the men’s team, whose regular season started on the 10th, won 3-2 in the opening match against TT Saitamaga Kinoshita Meister Tokyo.

Ito “I was able to play the game as a challenger”

Mima Ito said: “The first game was very important for the team and myself, but I decided to focus on the game and fight with all my might. I was able to do it,” he said. he remembers.

On top of that, regarding the T League, which has decided to participate in this season, “You have to have the strength to compete at national level, and the selection points are close, so the one point in front of you will be very important. . I think winning or losing will depend on how strong your feelings are. I want to play,” he said.

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