The organizer praised the “respect” shown by the U18 Samurai Japan.

U-18 World Cup kick-off, shutout victory in first match against Italy

Tournament organizers pay attention to the “natural behavior” of high school samurai warriors. The 30th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup (Bradenton, Florida, USA), which will decide the best baseball player in the world under 18, will start on the 9th (10th Japan time). Samurai Japan, who won their first match against Italy, immediately regained the respect they naturally showed to the referee and their opponents during the match.

Going into the batting turn, catcher Shion Matsuo (Osaka Toin) placed his right hand on the edge of his helmet and bowed slightly to the umpire, saying, “Thank you very much.” The sponsor (World Baseball & Softball Federation) spoke on the official Twitter and praised: “Respect to the umpires. Respect to the opponents. Respect to the game!”

While this is a natural sight for Japanese baseball fans, it seems to have rippled through the world. Fans also commented on “YAKYU”’s splendor that he displayed outside of the game, like “a polished samurai warrior.”

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