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Research that focuses on the amazing “healing effect” of “exercise” is now attracting worldwide attention.Exercising… “Protects from stress”, “Antidepressant effects comparable to those of antidepressants”, “Increases resilience factors and reinforces anxiety”, “May eliminate the same level of risk dementia than genetics”” Children can focus on their studies and improve their grades.Dr. Jennifer Hayes, a leading “exercise x neuroscience” expert, summarized the startling research findings. His research has been featured in many international media, including The New York Times, BBC, CNN, and HuffPost. The first Japanese translation of a book that summarizes the content in an easy-to-understand way for the general public“Depression disappears with exercise: method of resetting “mental disorders” clarified by neuroscience”was released on September 7. This time,this bookChapter 7, “The Surprising Effects of Exercise on Children’s Work and School Performance,” will be specially published.

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Students exercising can concentrate in class

Through recent research in my lab, I have also discovered why exercise improves academic performance. Students who move their bodies a lot get better grades becauseLess inattentiveness and hyperactivity during classIt’s mostlyattention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)For children with AD, exercise can help relieve cognitive, behavioral, and physical symptoms.

Abby’s son, Aiden, has ADHD and needs daily exercise. In elementary school, Aiden took daily gym classes and Abby quickly noticed the benefits.

“My concentration has improved dramatically. My brain is so much clearer. It’s almost as if the exercise has taken away my son’s restlessness.”

However, when Aiden entered high school, his daily exercise routine disappeared and his restlessness returned. Abby is also warned by Aiden’s teacher for his violent behavior.

It was then that I realized again. My son’s brain needed exercise to think. Abby encourages Aiden to exercise every morning before school.and twoAs soon as I started exercising, I stopped getting attentionHe is.

Exercise is the best medicine

Children and adults with ADHD have trouble concentrating because their prefrontal cortex lacks the nutrients it needs. There is a lack of blood flow and dopamine.

Exercise has the power to correct this deficit by modifying the same nervous system on which remedies such as Ritalin and Adderall act. And there are no unwanted side effects.

(This manuscript was written by Jennifer Hayes and translated by Masami Shikada.“Depression disappears with the Exercise-Reset method for “mental disorders” clarified by neuroscience”(Extracted and edited from the contents of

Jennifer Hayes

Director of the Neurofit Laboratory at McMaster University in Canada, home to the world’s top kinesiology (exercise science) department and a leading authority on exercise and neuroscience research. He has received numerous awards for his research on the effects of physical exercise on mental health and cognitive abilities. His research has received international media attention, including CNN, NBC, BBC, HuffPost, and CBS, as well as a feature in The New York Times. Japanese translation of the first book“Depression goes away with exercise”will be released on September 7, 2022.

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