‘Why here?’ Athletes in Okinawa were also disappointed National sporting event in Tochigi was canceled the day before due to deteriorating water quality

  1. ‘Why Here?’ Okinawa Athletes Also Disappointed Tochigi National Athletics Meet Canceled The Day Before Due To Deteriorating Water Quality | Main prefectures, sports, latest news | Shimotsuke Shimbun “COMING SOON” news | Soon)Shimotsuke Diary
  2. Politics National Open Water Swimming Competition Canceled Due To Deteriorating Water Quality | NHK Tochigi Newsnhk.or.jp
  3. Even if the competition is cancelled… Two athletes take the oath for next year’s national policy, step to the sea | Sports, large prefectures | Shimotsuke Shimbun “COMING SOON” News |Shimotsuke Diary
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