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11th horoscope.


The Moon is in Pisces until late afternoon and moves into Aries before 4 p.m.
You may feel a bit relieved after the full moon.
Mercury started to retrograde from yesterday, and it may seem like it’s going to be sluggish, stirring, or scattering anything, especially until the afternoon.
From the evening, you will feel a little refreshed and invigorated. I become closer.

It’s a day for Aries to stick their arms in deep and save something important.

A Taurus might get someone to treat them very kindly. Or maybe you can be really nice yourself.

Gemini is a day like moving and conditioning. It’s like creating a new rhythm while acting lightly.

Cancer is a day to think about it. It’s like diving deep into your thoughts.

Leo is a day when “playing” is important. Allocation, clearance, room, margin and growth. There is something going in.

Virgo can take a strong knock at the door of your heart. I feel like I should think about whether to open it or not.

The day Libra never rushes. It’s like trying to stop, squat down and reconsider “this flow of time”.

Scorpio is a playful day. There are more important things than knowing your goal. The tenacity that seems to keep eating grass.

It’s a day when Sagittarius seems to hold in someone’s heart. It’s like rubbing your cheeks. It’s like warming up.

Capricorns may want to organize their affairs. Not only store, but also decorate flowers and want to look beautiful.

Aquarius is a very generous day. The desire to “make someone happy” is released. restrictions are lifted.

Pisces is a day when you feel like you can’t be trapped by outside constraints. You can do it freely without worrying about anything. I can do whatever I want.


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