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2022 F1 Italian GP: Provisional starting grid (at the end of qualifying)

The starting grid for the 2022 F1 Italian GP will be significantly different from qualifying results due to nine grid downgrade penalties.

Charles Leclerc (Scuderia Ferrari), who did not receive a penalty during qualifying, took pole position. Clearly, the fastest drivers line up first.

However, since Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing) 2nd to Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 5th will receive grid relegation penalties, George Russell (Mercedes) 6th will be promoted to the front row.

Lando Norris (McLaren), who finished qualifying in 7th place, was lined up on the 3rd grid, and Max Verstappen, downgraded 5 grids, was downgraded to the 4th grid due to the penalty from the other drivers.

Provisional grid of the Italian F1 GP 2022
1. Charles Leclerc (P1)
2. George Russell (P6)
3. Lando Norris (P7)
Four. Max Verstappen (P2)*5 places
Five. Daniel Ricardo (P8)
6. Pierre Guthrie (P9)
7. Fernando Alonso (P10)
8. Nick de Vries (P13)
9. Zhou Guanyu (P14)
Ten. Sergio Perez (P4) *10 places
11. Nicholas Latifi (P16)
12. Esteban Ocon (P11) *5 places
13. Sebastien Vettel (P17)
14. Spear Stroll (P18)
15. Valtteri Bottas (P12) *15 places
16. Kevin Magnussen (P19) *15 places
17. Mick Schumacher (P20) *15 places
18. Carlos Sainz (P3) *Behind the grid
19. Lewis Hamilton (P5) *Back of the grid
20. Kakuda Yugi (P15) ※Grid Return

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