[Breaking news]Comedian “Nishikigoi” Masaki Hasegawa shoots an izakaya held by his mother (September 10, 2022) – ANNnewsCH

  1. [Breaking news]Comedian “Nishikigoi” Masaki Hasegawa caught fire in an izakaya run by his mother (September 10, 2022)ANNnewsCH
  2. Nishikigoi Hasegawa (51) shoots an izakaya in Sapporo run by his mother, I’m sorry”Netatopi
  3. Fire at a store run by Nishikigoi Masaki Hasegawa’s mother No injuries No fires spread insidedaily sports
  4. [Incendie]Nishikigoi Hasegawa’s mother’s izakaya sign burns the city of SapporoNTV NEWS
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