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F1 Italian Grand Prix 2022 qualifying: Top 10 driver comments

Comments from the top 10 drivers from qualifying for the F1 Italian Grand Prix Round 16 2022.

Charles Leclerc took pole position. He beat Red Bull’s Max Verstappen by 1.145 seconds at Monza, Ferrari’s hallowed ground where Tifosi gathers, and clinched pole position for the 8th time this season and 17th time overall.

1st: Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)
“I’m very happy. Monza has always been a special place and to get pole position here in front of the fans is an incredible feeling, especially after struggling at Spa. Similar demands are made. It’s another fast track, we have We worked hard to improve it and it looks like it will get competitive again.We had confidence in the car from the first practice session and our race pace was strong so we could take that pole position to victory tomorrow. I want to. I want to give it my all.”

2nd: Max Verstappen (Red Bull)
“I think qualifying went well. Ferrari was strong all weekend, so we knew it was going to be a tight race. Maybe not the fastest at this pace, but I think we’ll be strong enough. tomorrow. But it’s positive that we’re still going to be an interesting battle tomorrow. We’ll just try to stay out of trouble and get back in position.” That said we don’t have to take too many risks, we know we didn’t win every race until the last race of the season but if we dodge every car in front of us then of course we want to win.”

3rd: Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)
“It was a good qualifying session from the start, with good laps in Q1 and Q2. Then I had a very good lap on the last attempt, but my position on the track behind Pierre[Gathrie]in the last run was not good. It was Not the best. But it’s great that Ferrari got pole position here at Monza. Congratulations to Charles and the whole team. I’m happy with the performance we showed today and it’s a good testament to the hard work we put in at Maranello. Hopefully we can have a good recovery tomorrow and we will do our best to regain as many positions as possible. The fan support in the stands has been incredible all weekend and we will do our best to deliver an exciting race. .”

4th: Sergio Perez (Red Bull)
“I can say it was a good result today and we should be able to fight tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the race because with our race pace we can close the gap. No, we have to maximize our performance and focus for tomorrow.” We knew the Ferraris were very quick here, so the qualifying result wasn’t too surprising. I think they will be strong in the race. We’re a bit out of pace at the moment, so there are a few points to look at “Today’s run before the race: you have to take advantage of what you have. It’s very nerve-wracking and if you is stuck with another car for a few laps, it affects the race a lot. It’s hard to overtake so you have to have a good strategy and have the right pace of the car. It’s very important to gain positions. ‘is important.”

5th: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
“It was a good session for my team, but not the best. It looks like we are losing momentum compared to 2019. I think it will be difficult to come back from behind tomorrow because the DRS will not affect us much and I think there will be a lot of cars on the DRS train. It might be a frustrating day for me, but I will stay positive and give it my all.”

6th: George Russell (Mercedes)
“Q1 started well, we were a few tenths behind Ferrari so we were hoping to be there, but honestly the session went away from there and ended 1.4 seconds behind, for tomorrow. We took a risk on the final run to secure a new set of soft tires for 2019, but I’m glad neither Lando nor Fernando jumped. Looking at the race, we have to focus on ourselves. Max will be difficult to hold back, Charles will start from the front and Sergio, Carlos and Luis will come from behind. We have to focus on our race, stay on the podium and fight well.”

7th: Lando Norris (McLaren)
“I’m very happy with today’s result. I’m very happy. I think it’s the best result we’ve had. We were very close to getting ahead of Mercedes, but we’re not too far behind.” very good result. Tomorrow we have some grid penalties which put us in order, so hopefully we can take advantage of that and have a clean race and score some good points.”

8th: Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren)
“I’m happy with Q3 and happy to finish on top again. It’s been a while and I’m happy. The Q3 lap was difficult and I was trying to squeeze tenths of a second on the left. The car is the C’ It’s still tricky to feel like you’re at 2000 and know what’s going on in the corners. But I was happy with Q1 and Q2. I think I did a good lap. I think we did some good changes, so we’re going to be a fast race car. Hopefully there’s

9th: Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri)
“Overall I’m very happy to have reached Q3. It wasn’t perfect because I was slipping a bit in the fast corners, but the driving at Monza was excellent. We made a few changes from yesterday. seems to have paid off but there are still areas where we can develop our potential for tomorrow. There are a lot of drivers who got penalties tomorrow so the fastest cars will chase us, but the race has come so far. I think it will be even more difficult to overtake because the draft effect is weaker with the cars this season. Our aim is to stay in the points. As we have seen in past races, what will happening in Monza?

10th: Fernando Alonso (Alpine)
“It’s a little disappointing to finish 10th in Q3 today, plus my final lap was cut off due to track limitations. I was told I had enough for 8th before the penalty kicked in. be applied to the others.Overall qualifying felt a bit underperforming compared to the rest of the weekend, car feels good and looks solid in race pace but a few cars behind We have 10 points in a row and tomorrow we will increase that number to 11.”

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