Hypmai’s Popular Voice Actor Yusuke Shirai Got Married! The Other Party Is Harada Mariru, a Former ‘Kazeojuku’ Idol Writer, ‘I Have Children’ | Smart FLASH / Sumafla[光文社週刊誌]

Hypmai's Popular Voice Actor Yusuke Shirai Got Married!  His partner is Mariru Harada, a former idol writer

Shirai is an enthusiastic Liverpool FC fan. Wearing Liverpool FC from head to toe almost every day

“Thanks a lot.”

In early September, “Dad” left his son at a kindergarten in Tokyo and moved back to a nearby luxury apartment. About two hours later, the date in Ginza started with a “beautiful bride” who was wearing white skinny jeans.

Both enjoy window shopping, crossing their arms and smiling at each other without worrying about being seen by others. This figure is exactly the ideal couple.

However, seeing this scene, there must be a lot of female fans fainting. Because this “daddy” is greatpopularvoice actorYusuke Shirai (36).

“In 2019, I was in charge of the role of a super popular man named “Amemura Ramuda” in the character rap project “Hypnosis Mic” (commonly known as Hypmai) by male actors, and I won the award singing at the 13th Seiyuu Awards. In an instant, he became popular and won many female fans with his sweet voice and great acting ability.” (Subculture Magazine Editor)

However, Shirai never made the existence of his wife and children public.

“His wife is also a ‘celebrity,’ so the timing of the announcement was difficult. Only a very limited number of people knew of his wife and child.” (Voice Actor Industry Insider)

His wife’s name is Mariru Harada (37).ancient idolIt’s a unique career as a writer.

“Taking advantage of my size, Miho Yoshioka andnanaowon “Race Queen of the Year” in 2005. In 2009, he joined the male idol unit “Kazeojuku” under the name “Renji Nagarehara” and made his CD debut. Since leaving the band in 2013, he has been active as a writer. He has a wide range of friendships with voice actors, and it looks like he met Mr. Shirai there. In 2020 on my SNSweddingannounced that she was pregnant, but the other part was not disclosed.” (entertainment reporter)

A young male voice actor understands Shirai’s feelings about hiding her marriage.

“Originally, in the world of voice acting, where people tended to be behind the scenes rather than talented, there wasn’t really a custom to point out their love and marriage to fans. However , in recent years, there have been more opportunities to stand in the limelight, and voice actors have become idols.To some fans, the character and the voice actor who voices them are one and the same. Dating and marriage can affect the character’s image, and fans can leave. I don’t know. I think Mr. Shirai also had this kind of conflict.”

Two days after this magazine witnessed the Ginza date, when I asked Shirai, who again sent my son to kindergarten, about the situation, he politely replied in a “soft voice “.

ーーDo you have children?

“……is it true”

ーーWhy didn’t you post it?

“As for me, I was worried about my child, so I hesitated to announce it after I calmed down, and I thought I would do it by the end of this year, but…”

ーーYou and your wife were on good terms.

“He’s very straightforward and has a strong personality. He really loves and respects my kids.”

ーーDo you have a message for your fans?

“I meant to say it with my own mouth, but I’m sorry to surprise you. I’ll return it at work, so please watch over me with warm eyes.”

After saying that, Shirai said, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity (to report)!”

With this sweet boy, I’m sure many female fans will watch over “Daddy” warmly.

( FLASH weekly September 27 and October 4 combined

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