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Karata Erika's feature film will be released in November...

Growing out your hair is a sign of a “new beginning”…?

september 9, actressKarata Erikashould be out in NovemberfilmIt was announced that he will star in “To e, Nagare.”

January 2020,Masahiro Higashidewithadulterywas reported by “Weekly Bunshun,” and Karata was practically on hiatus. A short film was announced in September 2021, but the release was postponed due to the corona disaster, and it was only partially screened this year. This will be the first time in three years since “Cheer Boys!!” to appear in a feature film.

According to “East Sports Web”, the announcement of the Karata star was made at that time because Anne had moved to France.

“I hear Anne will be going back and forth between France and Japan for a while, but given the outcry when the case was discovered, I tried to keep both offices out of Anne’s sight. (Entertainment Writer)

However, after receiving the featured report, on SNS,

《They say she’ll be back, but I’ve never heard of her name outside of the adultery show.》

“Honestly, I don’t want to see him. Or rather, I think the gap between the face and the thing is too strong, and the artwork will not enter.』

“I don’t really understand the entertainment world, but you are a bold woman.”

《Come back in the movie? Well yes. Only people who pay to go see it. I won’t go see it and if it’s on TV I’ll change the channel. If Anne-chan becomes an article every time that person appears, it would be okay to go to Paris.』

A complicated voice lined up.

This magazine witnessed the filming site of the Netflix drama “Evil Queen” scheduled for delivery in 2023, which was announced in advance.

In the drama set in the world of women’s professional wrestling of the 1980s, Karata gained weight and played famous professional wrestler Chigusa Nagayo. Play the role of Lioness AsukaAyame GorikiHowever, there was also a scene where Karata burst out laughing when he spoke friendly to her.

The true value of Karata will now be tested.

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