Kohei Arihara is ‘out of force’ from Rangers Takuichi Sawamura is a free contract…Japanese pitcher career move | Full Count

Arihara had conceded 11 points the day before, and Sawamura had been with 3A under the R Socks since late August.

On the 11th (Japan time on the 12th), Rangers removed pitcher Kohei Arihara from the 40-man quota, which is a prerequisite for major participation, and rendered him virtually out of strength. In the future, if there is no team that wants to acquire on Webber, measures such as free contracts will be decided.

Arihara was knocked out midway through the 4th inning with a career-worst 11 against the Blue Jays on 10th (11th) the day before. This season, his second year, he started in the minors and was promoted to the majors in mid-August. Including relief, he pitched in 5 games with 1 win and 3 losses and a 9.45 ERA.

Several US outlets have reported that Takuichi Sawamura, who belongs to Red Sox-affiliated 3A Worcester, has become a free contract. In his second season, he pitched 49 games and had 1 win, 1 loss and 3 strikes, with a 3.73 ERA. The defense rating was 0.00.

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