Koshien non-smoker ‘Some people smoke near students’… Prefectural assembly overseeing alma mater ‘Just instinctively’-Yomiuri Shimbun Online

  1. Koshien without tobacco “There are people who smoke near the students”… Prefectural assembly “I can’t help but watch the alma mater”Yomiuri Shimbun online
  2. A member of the Kumamoto Prefectural Assembly cheering the alma mater smokes in the Koshien non-smoking public seatsANNnewsCH
  3. Smoking in the Non-Smoking Cheering Zone, Prefectural Assemblyman Looking at His Alma Mater ‘I Accidentally Smoked’ (Posted September 11, 2022)live door
  4. The former president of the prefectural assembly smoking at the “Koshien Stadium” while cheering the quarter-finals… “My carelessness” | TBS NEWS DIG #shortsTBS NEWS DIG Powered by JNN
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