Russian army withdraws from eastern Ukraine Former commander “great defeat” | Reuters

The Russian Defense Ministry said on September 10 that it had ordered Russian troops to withdraw from the key area of ​​Izyum in the Kharkov region of eastern Ukraine and to step up other operations in Donetsk, according to the TASS news agency. Pictured is a village in Kharkiv Oblast taken over by Ukrainian forces. Provided by the Ukrainian army on the 10th (2022 Reuters)

KYIV (Kyiv) (Reuters) – The Russian Defense Ministry on Thursday ordered the withdrawal of Russian troops from the key area of ​​Izyum in eastern Ukraine’s Kharkov province and ordered them to to intensify further operations in Donetsk, the TASS news agency reported. published.

It will be the biggest blow to the Russian military since it was forced to withdraw from the capital Kyiv in March this year. Russia used Izyum as a military base.

Russian soldiers fled with ammunition and equipment left behind, and the Ukrainian side reported that the war situation had reached a major turning point.

“The more weapons we receive, the sooner we will win and the sooner we will end the war,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba said, adding that it proved Russia could be defeated.

President Volodymyr Zelensky also said in a video address Wednesday night that Russia had regained some 2,000 square kilometers of territory since launching its counterattack earlier this month.

The Ukrainian government has not confirmed the takeover of Izyum.

Ukrainian forces capture Kupyansk, north of Izyum, before Russia announces its withdrawal. Kupyansk was used by the Russian military as a rail hub to bring supplies to the front. The supply to the front line has been cut off.

A former commander of pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine wrote on the Telegram messaging app that it was a “huge defeat”.

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