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Admiration for a good shot of 1 goal in 5 innings “It was full of wonderful things”

■ Angels 6-1 Astros (11th time in Japan, Houston)

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani scored his 12th victory with a good pitch, allowing a run in the fifth inning. Participated in the game against the Astros on the 10th (Japan time 11) as “No. 3, pitcher and DH”. Although he was dropped in the 5th inning with a blister on his right index finger, the lead supported the field that day. Acting manager Phil Nevin also praised the new locations, which made up 25% of the 79 total locations, “incredible”.

Ohtani scored the first run, but when Altuve, who started the first inning, reached base with a hit, a wild pitch and a timely hit from Gurriel tied the score. In the third inning, he invited two kills and second and third bases, but he knocked out Tucker with a 101.4-mile (about 163.2 km) straight, the fastest in the majors, and escaped. of the difficult situation and shouted.

While Altuve smiled wryly this time, the sinker, approaching 160kg, also demonstrated his power that day as well. Throwing 20 balls, which is second only to the slider, Otani himself said after the game: “I think the course I was throwing was perfect, so I think it was efficient.”

Interim manager Nevin said: “That change in 100 miles. It was reflected in the batters’ reactions and expressions. Altuve was looking at the dugout with a puzzled feeling like, ‘How do you hit it? “That was very good.”‘ and squinted at Ohtani’s new weapon. He also praised the content of his pitch saying, “It was full of wonderful stuff again,” even for the good 1-point pitch in the 5th inning.

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