Surprised by Masaki Suda “I’m in tune with Mana Ashida!?” |

Actor Masaki Suda (29) appeared on the variety show “Sandwich Man & Mana Ashida no Hakase-chan” (TV Asahi) which aired on September 10. Knowing that she debuted in 2009, the same year as 18-year-old actress Mana Ashida, she was surprised saying, “I’m in tune with Mana Ashida!?”

Masaki Suda and Mieko Harada, who appear in the movie “Mokka,” appeared as guests on the show, and when Sandwich Man asked them if they would co-star with TV regular Aina Ashida show, they both said “I don’t have it.”

Also, when Mikio Date said, “I just checked, Suda-kun and Mana-chan both debuted in 2009. That means they were the same year.” Suda also said, “I’m in tune with Mana Ashida!? I don’t have that feeling at all. What do I remember watching on TV normally?” explained the age of the drama. in which he appeared. Suda still seemed unable to accept reality, saying, “I don’t feel like I’m in sync…”.

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