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Amazon.co.jp will hold “Fashion x Autumn Outing Time Sale Festival” from September 10 to 12. In addition to getting various items at more affordable prices than usual, there is also a campaign where you can collect up to 10% points for purchases totaling 10,000 yen or more.

The source:Amazon.co.jp

“THE NORTH FACE” is popular for its design that can be used both outdoors and in the city. Items with features unique to outdoor brands, such as GORE-TEX jackets and duffel bags, are subject to sale on time. You can easily use it in various scenes with reliable quality.

In this article, we will introduce the recommended products of “THE NORTH FACE” that are on sale.

* Information is at time of writing, so please check details such as price on Amazon before purchasing. Also, some items are in limited quantities and may be sold out.
*Some sizes and colors may not be eligible for sale.

THE NORTH FACE Future Light Mistway Jacket NP12081

The source:Amazon.co.jp

“THE NORTH FACE Future Light Mistway Jacket NP12081” is sold at a special sale price of 21,404 yen (28% OFF/S/Black) at a reference price of 29,700 yen.

A waterproof jacket finished with FUTURELIGHT, a waterproof and breathable nanofilm-like material made by blowing polyurethane fibers into micro-units. The simple ventless design is attractive, utilizing the material’s high moisture permeability and breathability. A waterproof zipper is used on the front to improve waterproofing. Not only can it be used as everyday functional clothing, but it can also be used in a variety of situations, from hiking to trail running.

THE NORTH FACE Cordura Ballistic Backpack NM82018

The source:Amazon.co.jp

“THE NORTH FACE (The North Face) Cordura Ballistic Daypack NM82018” is sold at a special sale price of 23,133 yen (30% off) from a list price of 33,000 yen.

A large capacity backpack made of high-strength 1680 denier Cordura ballistic nylon. It has a dedicated space and a document holder that can hold a laptop up to 15 inches, and the front pocket has an accessory pocket and a smartphone pocket. The molded back panel makes it easy to carry and is recommended for commuting to work or school.

THE NORTH FACE (the north face) CAPPUCHO COVER NN42035

The source:Amazon.co.jp

“THE NORTH FACE (The North Face) CAPPUCHO LID NN42035” is sold at a special sale price of 3135 yen (25% discount / black) at a reference price of 4100 yen.

A standard beanie finished with a completely seamless manufacturing method. It uses acrylic yarn which is kneaded with ceramic which emits far infrared rays and has a heat dissipation effect, making it perfect for use as a headgear in cold weather.

THE NORTH FACE square logo full zip NT61836

The source:Amazon.co.jp

“THE NORTH FACE Square Logo Full Zip NT61836” is sold at the special sale price of 11,440 yen (20% off / S / gray mixed) at the list price of 14,300 yen.

A zip-up sweatshirt in quick-drying polyester. The surface is brushed and soft to the touch, and adopted electrostatic maintenance design which suppresses the generation of static electricity. It can be used in a variety of situations, such as camping and other outdoor activities, as well as casual street wear.

THE NORTH FACE Dorolite Pants NB81711

The source:Amazon.co.jp

“THE NORTH FACE Dolo Light Pants NB81711” is sold at the special sale price of 11,152 yen (22% OFF/L/Urban Navy) at the list price of 14,300 yen.

These pants have a tapered silhouette that gives your legs a polished look. We use “SOLOTEX” stretch material which is lightweight and has great resilience. With a natural texture like cotton, it is perfect for hiking as well as for everyday use. The thing is, the size has an easy-to-adjust pin spec.

THE NORTH FACE Pocket Towel Trekkers L NN22103

The source:Amazon.co.jp

“THE NORTH FACE (The North Face) Trekkers Pocket Towel L NN22103” is sold at a special price of 2549 yen (23% discount) from a list price of 3300 yen.

A lightweight compact towel that dries quickly. It can be rolled up compactly and stored in a dedicated stuff sack, making it perfect for club activities and going to the gym. With the ring attached to the case, it is also possible to carry it by connecting it to a backpack etc.

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[Jusqu’au12/09]The Amazon Fashion Time Sale festival is held

Amazon Gift Card Points Campaign

On Amazon.co.jp, “If you’re a prime member, you can earn 0.5% points when you top up with a credit card.» The campaign is ongoing.as a main membercountryIf you walk in and charge 5,000 yen or more with a credit card, 0.5% Amazon points will be awarded based on the charge amount. You can enter from below. (Target period: Orders from 0:00 a.m. on Friday, February 14, 2022 to 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, December 31, 2022)

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So far, we’ve featured our recommendations for “THE NORTH FACE” that are on sale. On the next page, Amazon.co.jp “THE NORTH FACE” TOP 10 ranking is displayed!

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