UCHIYAMA CUP Rio Noguchi wins 2 weeks in a row, Ryoma Ito retires halfway


[Vidéo]What is the UCHIYAMA CUP organized by Yasutaka Uchiyama in his hometown of Sapporo?

The tournament will be held for the first time in 2021 in Uchiyama’s hometown of Sapporo (Sapporo City Hiragishi Tennis Stadium). The event was held in the hope that tennis fans and children can see professional tennis up close and give back to local Hokkaido. Also last year it was held without spectators due to the corona disaster. Last year it was held as JTT1 of the National Tour, and this year it was held for two consecutive weeks as an ITF International Tournament (total prize $25,000). The match between Noguchi and Ito unfolds in the unique tension of the finale. After Noguchi kept the game count 1-0 in the second game, after repeating 5 deuces, Noguchi broke Ito’s service game. Affected by the strong wind, Ito’s powerful forehand and Noguchi’s steady return showed each other’s characteristics, but Noguchi, who controlled the game, won the first set with 6-1. In the 2nd set, Ito’s counterattack was expected, but in the 2nd set, the movement became slow. Although he took a medical time-out and received treatment, there was no sign of recovery, and Noguchi asked Ito to retire due to poor physical condition at the time of the match, 4-count 0. The day before, Ito had a 3 hour and 1 minute long match with Shintaro Imai, and it became difficult to breathe halfway through. Noguchi won two weeks in a row and won his fourth ITF tournament this season, setting a new career high in Monday’s rankings. After the match, Noguchi said, “I saw Ryoma play a long match yesterday, so I got up and thought it would be difficult. I’m looking forward to the next time Ryoma-san can play in perfect condition.” As for winning two weeks in a row, “I’m honestly happy and I was able to play for two weeks without losing my temper. So, aiming for Wimbledon next year, I think the next six months will be time to do my best.” Ito, who retired in the middle of the match, said: “Because of yesterday’s fatigue, I started having trouble breathing halfway through and I felt like I couldn’t even see the ball. I lost in the final, but I feel like “I’m definitely better now than I was at the two tournaments in Guam in June. I think I can think about it, so I would like to improve on that,” he commented. Looking ahead: “Since there is a protection ranking, I would like to challenge qualifiers and the ATP Tour challengers. There are challengers in Japan and South Korea, so I want to see where I stand. I do,” he said. The singles quarter-final results are as follows.[Finale simple messieurs]Rio Noguchi[1] against Ryoma Ito[6]6-1, 4-0 retirement[Demi-finale simple messieurs]Rio Noguchi[1] against Keisuke Saito, 1-6, 6-3, 6-0 Ryoma Ito[6] against Shintaro Imai[2]5-7, 6-2, 7-6(7-4)[Quarts de finale du simple messieurs]Rio Noguchi[1] against Mochizuki Yuki[5]4-6, 6-2, 7-5 Keisuke Saito v Ryota Tanuma[4]0-6, 6-4, 6-3 Ryoma Ito[6] against Ryusuke Horiuchi[Q]6-3, 6-2 Shintaro Imai[2] against Gate Monday[7]6-3, 6-0 In the doubles final played the day before, Yuhei Kono/Yusuke Kusuhara beat Shi Isomura/Yamato Sueoka 7-5, 4-6, [10-6]defeated and won the championship.


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