“Adjectives, adjectives, adjectives, particles of adjectives…?” High School Student Quiz Final Problem Internet Impact “Battle of Different Dimensions” : J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

The quiz program “42nd National High School Quiz Championship” (Japanese TV series, high school quiz) aired on September 9, 2022, and Tokyo’s Kaisei High School beat Hyogo’s Nada High School for the first time in 10 years and the most ever and won the 4th victory.

In the final, questions consisting of only parts of speech such as “adjectives, adjectives, adjectives, particles of adjectives” were presented, and surprise voices were collected on Twitter, such as “Why do you know” and “Battle of different dimensions”.

  • On the official website of the “High School Students Quiz” program

    On the official website of the “High School Students Quiz” program

  • On the official website of the “High School Students Quiz” program

“Excessive QuizKnock!”

A total of 1,560 teams, each consisting of three active high school students, participated in the tournament, and 12 schools that won the preliminary rounds appeared on the schedule.

Kaisei High School and Nada High School faced off in the second question. From the next state where only the parts of speech are displayed, guess the question sentence and ask for the answer.

“adjective, adjective, adjective, adjective particle
noun particle verb auxiliary verb noun particle noun particle noun? “

As the performers shouted in surprise, “QuizKnock is too much!” The correct question was revealed as follows:

“Red, round, big, delicious
What type of strawberry is named after the first letter? ”

QuizKnock member Takuya Kawamura was amazed at how he responded, saying, “I didn’t think you would write an answer so quickly. It’s amazing.”

When viewers presented this issue in surprise, it spread widely on Twitter, and there were admiring voices saying, “This is a battle from another dimension”, “I don’t know why. It’s incredible !” Additionally, there was an opinion that “It looks like a superhuman to the general public, but it’s a good question with a very high level that can be easily answered by quiz people.”

On the same day, QuizKnock also posted a YouTube video that discusses similar questions titled “[Geki Muzu]Quiz with only parts of speech in question”. In the comments section, etc., there are many compliments to the author.

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