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Queen Elizabeth II of England on September 9, 2022disappearanceDid. In response, royal beekeepers are said to have informed the bees at Buckingham Palace of the death of the queen and the accession of a new king.

The Royal Beekeeper has informed the Queen’s Bees that HM has died and King Charles is their new patron | daily mail online

Known as a dog lover, Queen Elizabeth II has had more than 30 corgis as pets in her lifetime.hadAdditionally, the British royal family also owns horses kept in the royal stables and swans living in the Thames.everythingDo.

One of the lesser-known royal animals is the bee. Buckingham Palace has five royal residences, according to royal beekeeper John of clarenceThere are two beehives in , and about 1 million bees are kept there in total for many seasons.

After tying a black ribbon to each hive, Mr Chapple visited each hive and reportedly reported the death of Elizabeth II and announced that henceforth the new king, Charles III, would be lord of the paddy field.

The ceremony that Mr. Chapple performed is based on customs that have been passed down from ancient times in Europe. In the ancient Celts bees were considered sacred, and in various parts of Europe that inherited this culture , bees were considered members of the family, and when a new child was born into the family or a member of the family died, he was treated as a bee the tradition of reporting toleft. Legend has it that if a bee doesn’t show up, it will stop collecting nectar and eventually leave the hive or die.

Mr Chapple, 79 at the time of writing, became a beekeeper because his wife Cass loved bees. When Mr. Chapple started beekeeping in the garden for his bee-loving wife, he was directly called upon by the Royal Gardener, and since then Mr. Chapple has been the Royal Beekeeper for 15 years.

Mr Chapple told Britain’s Daily Mail: ‘When a family member dies it is traditional to go to the beehive, offer a little prayer and hang a black ribbon. “For the queen, and it will come true. It is a great privilege to be able to do this kind of work for the next king. I would like to continue raising bees in the royal palace, but I don’t know what will happen.

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