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Crowd Strike announced on September 12 that it would begin offering a “Red Team Service” cyberattack simulation service in Japanese.

The new service will be implemented with the aim of reviewing the security measures that organizations have put in place so far to prepare for cyberattacks. Just like a real cyber attacker, set yourself an objective after the intrusion and carry out a pseudo-attack. Evaluate the effectiveness of existing security countermeasures against attacks and advise improvement measures to strengthen the countermeasures.

There are three types of service menus: “Red Team Practice”, “Red Team Practice/Blue Team” and “Red Team Practice (Advanced)”.

In the “Red Team Exercise”, a pseudo-attack is carried out against “Active Directory”, which is often used in organizations, to identify problems that can lead to real intrusions, detect intrusions, etc. It offers advice on how to prepare for an attack.

In the “Red Team/Blue Team Exercise”, the company’s personnel team not only conducts pseudo-attacks, but also leads a “blue team” that visualizes attacks (with or without logs), detects and defends together with customers and assesses security measures from the perspective of the attacker and the defender.

In “Red Team Exercise (Advanced)”, various attack targets such as intrusion into the cloud environment and theft of confidential information are set in addition to Active Directory, which is the target of “Red Team Exercise “, and pseudo-attacks are executed .and evaluate countermeasures. In addition to conducting advanced attacks that combine phishing and social engineering, the exercises will be similar to real-life cyberattacks, such as executing pseudo-attacks without prior notification to the organization’s incident response team.

Service overview

Service overview

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