Fuji University’s Kanamura and Tohoku Fukushi University’s Sugisawa Submit Career Application Forms High School Students Pay Attention to Teikyo Nagaoka and Ibaraki | Full Count

Kanemura emerges as one of the top contenders with a strong pitch in the college championship

On the 12th, the Japan College Baseball Federation updated the list of candidates who submitted career aspirations posted on the official website. The number of bidders increased from 50 to 71. Outfielder Ryu Sugisawa from Tohoku Fukushi University and pitcher Naomasa Kanamura from Fuji University, as well as players considered high-ranking candidates for professional baseball teams, were also submitted.

Kanemura is a right-hand man with a top speed of 150 km/h. He also started the All Japan University Championship this spring, and although he lost to the University of Commerce, he made a good pitch in the 10th inning, giving up a run, which increased the scouts’ evaluation. professional baseball players.

Additionally, Sugisawa is a left-handed outfielder with excellent running and defense. 571 batting averages, 4 home runs and 14 RBIs in the league this spring. As a member of the Japanese university team, he also participated in the Harlem tournament held in the Netherlands.

Japan Takanoren also updated the list on its official website, with the number of bidders increasing from 50 to 65. Teikyo Nagaoka (Niigata) right-hander ace, pitcher Hidetoshi Ibaraki and others submitted. Although Ibaraki lost to Nihon Bunri in the finals of the Niigata Prefecture tournament this summer, his powerful throw, which reaches a maximum speed of 147 km, is attracting attention.

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