‘I don’t like it’ → ‘It’s good hot water’ Kitten refused to take a bath for the first time with squid ears, but after that there was an evolution sudden | Maidona News-Kobe Shimbun

  1. “I don’t like it~~~” → “It’s a good hot spring.” The kitten refused his first bath with his squid ears, but after that an unexpected development | Maidona NewsKobe Shimbun
  2. I only see “Kokeshi”…! Many people are healed by the cute appearance of kittens 🐱HuffPost Japan Version
  3. A cat enjoying a bath, her body is wet and she looks like a kokeshi dollThe Otakuma Business Journal
  4. When the owner takes a bath, the cat asks: “Get out of the shower!”Netorabo
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