“I’ll show you this one very easily.” Shohei Otani’s one-handed ‘acrobatics’ stunned US national newspapers | Full Count

The sports site “For the Win” of the American national newspaper “USA Today” praised Ohtani

Astros 12-4 Angels (12th Japan time, Houston)

On the 11th (Japan 12th time), Angels pitcher Shohei Otani hit a 2-run homer No. 34 for the first time in three games against the Astros. USA Today’s “For the Win” sports site said, “If you’re an Ohtani, this hit is super easy.” I’ll show you,” he said in surprise.

Silenced enemy territory with a “Wazaari Bullet” that used its range. In the first inning, he took a curve with a low outside angle thrown by right-hander Garcia with a good chance not to die at third base with his right hand. The batted ball soared high and landed on the right wing support as it was, making it a No. 34 2 run.

The site features the only hit that was completely out of time and the posturing was broken with the headline “Ohtani hit a one-handed home run and MLB fans were in awe”. He continues to fight for MVP both in throwing and hitting, but the team is in a crisis.” He plays for the Angels, so we probably won’t see him in the playoffs for a while. I’m really sorry,” he said. said.

Even so, he picked up his 12th win of the season in the same game on 10 (11) the day before, and praised him for his dynamic throwing and striking, saying: “We can marvel at all the amazing things he’s doing at the stadium.” Then, on the ’cause ball’ he fired with one hand, “It’s his 34th home run this season, and he hit it the day after he won on the mound. This man is special .” .

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