INTERVIEW: LDP Exec mentions the need for a debate on the law against cults


Tokyo, Sept. 12 (Jiji Press)–Toshiaki Endo, who chairs the General Council of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party, has suggested the need for a debate on possible legislation to restrict the activities of cults, in a recent interview with Jiji Press.

The remark came at a time when the LDP is seeking to end its ties with the controversial religious group known as the Unification Church.

Asked in the interview about such legislation, perhaps drawing inspiration from a similar law in France, Endo said, “It would be difficult to define what cults are.”

“It will be a matter of reflection in the future,” he continued, while questioning whether cults can be distinguished from other groups in Japan, where religious systems take different forms from the United States and Japan. Europe. “But it would be better to have discussions,” he said.

On whether the LDP can break away from the Unification Church, Endo said, “Now is the perfect time to make a clean break with religious groups involved in malicious marketing and others. problematic practices.

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