It’s all about the cards – “Voice of Cards Captive Monster” is out today! (Impress Watch)

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]This book is the third title in the “Voice of Cards” series, after “Voice of Cards Dragon’s Island” and “Voice of Cards Rogue Shrine Maiden”. Taro Yoko, also known for the “NieR” series, will be the creative director and Yosuke Saito will be the executive producer. The “Voice of Cards” series is an RPG that expresses everything with cards, with the motif of a tabletop RPG. The player advances the game by navigating to the game master (the person who manages game progress in the tabletop RPG). Therefore, you can enjoy the RPG with a new feeling that you are playing the game with the game master instead of alone. Voice actor Yui Ishikawa is in charge of the game master.[Dans un monde où tout est représenté par des cartes, une aventure commence sous la direction d’une voix. Maître du jeu : à partir de maintenant, vous vous lancerez dans une aventure en tant que héros d’une certaine histoire. La scène de l’histoire est un monde où les humains et les monstres existent. Eh bien, il est enfin temps de partir. Je prie pour un bon voyage…”[Histoire]A world rife with creatures called “monsters”. Humans and monsters continued to fight and clash. The underground village where the girl lives had a strong door to keep monsters out, but one day it was attacked. A boy who appeared there. The girl stepped on the floor for the first time in her life as he guided her by the hand. This is the story of a girl who lost something important, discovers the world while traveling with a boy and gains an irreplaceable thing… ■ Game Overview The story scene is of humans and monsters for a long time. conflict. The hero embarks on a journey of revenge after the destruction of his native village. □ Appearing Characters (Partial) The Girl Who Lost Everything (Main Character) Arue A girl from the underground who has the ability to freely manipulate monsters. Since birth, he had never been on the surface of the earth and he yearned for the outside world. Lugol, a mysterious boy who saved a girl in chaos He was picked up by soldiers when he was young and was raised to kill his emotions and carry out his missions with indifference. Reaching the desperate protagonist, they decide to travel together. Pulke, a young monster scholar When he was young, the village he lived in was attacked by monsters and he lost his parents who were researchers. He became a scientist in order to unravel the meaning of his mother’s last words. □ Fields, towns, dungeons, etc. are all represented by cards. In this job, you will cross the quicksand on a sand boat and go on an adventure in the vast desert. There are scorching lakes of fire and ice-bound snowfields. □ Battle A turn-based battle that takes place on a board with a tabletop conversation RPG motif. The red stone in the card represents HP, the bottom left is attack, and the bottom right is defense. □Gem The “Gem” gem at the top left of the battle board is added one by one each turn and consumed when the skill is activated. * “Electric needle” in the photo consumes 3 coins. □Monster Cards In this work, defeated monsters are sealed into cards by the protagonist’s power and can be used as “monster cards” during battle. Monsters can be obtained with probability by winning battles and can also be purchased from pet shops. “Monster Cards” have ranks up to 5 stars, and if you get a higher rank card, the lower rank card will be discarded. If you advance through the story and go to new areas, you can get higher rank cards. ■ Simultaneous release of “Voice of Cards: Toraware no Mamono” + DLC Set A “‘Voice of Cards Prisoner’s Monster’ + DLC Set” product, which includes a DLC that allows you to change the enemy artwork into dot art , be released at the same time. *The DLC included in the set will also be sold individually. *Please note that the service that can be used by connecting to the Internet may end once the period has elapsed since the release of the game software. *There are some parts of the game where DLC changes are not reflected. *The timing of store opening differs for each platform. © 2022 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.

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