[Jeu de base gratuit]Up to 100 simultaneous battles ACT “Warlander” PC open beta started-First game trailer released-Game*Spark

  1. [Jeu de base gratuit]Up to 100 Simultaneous Battles ACT “Warlander” PC Open Beta Launched – Gameplay Trailer First ReleasedGame*Spark
  2. Online multiplayer action “Warlander” fighting with up to 100 people Pre-game report.Warriors, priests and wizards have mixed together – destroy the castle with “Meteor”4Gamer.net
  3. “Warlander” pre-game review. A 100-player battle in a medieval fantasy world where magic flies on a large scale is a premonition of a good game where you can achieve exquisite catharsisFamitsu.com
  4. Casual yet deep strategy and building blocks! Large-scale online battle type “Warlander” ACT pre-game reportGame*Spark
  5. The open beta test of the PC battle action “Warlander” began today. Large-scale fantasy battle with up to 100 participants4Gamer.net
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