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Cubs' Seiya Suzuki who released No. 13 solo[Photo : Reuters]

Cubs’ Seiya Suzuki who released No. 13 solo[Photo : Reuters]

Suzuki’s home run since the game against the Reds on the 8th

■ Giants 4-2 Cubs (12th time in Japan, Chicago)

cubsSeiya SuzukiOn the 11th (Japan 12th time), the outfielder took out No. 13 for the first time in three games. held at headquartersgiantsWhen he entered the game as the “3rd right winger”, he hit a solo right off the back screen in the 8th inning chasing 3 runs.cubslost 2-4, and Suzuki’s only shot ended in a blank.

When he fell right in first at bat the first time, second at bat was one down, third at bat was right, and third at bat was 4th at bat in the 8th inning. 2nd ball from 1 ball. When Alexander returned a sinker, the ball went to the right of the back screen. It was a big hit with a strike speed of 107.8 miles (about 173.5 kilometers) and a flight distance of 435 feet (about 132.6 meters).

Suzuki home run September 8 (9)RedsIt’s been 3 games since the war. The third in September. It looks like the number of home runs in August has already been surpassed, and the batting’s condition is improving. (Full-Count Writing)

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