Sexy Zone’s “Trust Me, Trust You” Has Won 1st Place For 22 Consecutive Works And 12 Consecutive Years Since Its Debut[Oricon Ranking](Oricon)

[Photo]Sexy Zone “Trust me, trust me.” All the photos of the jacket are publishedWith this, it became the 22nd consecutive No. 1 work of the first single “Sexy Zone” dated 11/28/2011, and the total number of No. 1 singles since the first (1st)[* 1]. consecutive works. Additionally, “Number of consecutive years of winning the number one single since the beginning (1st) year”[* 2]will be 12 consecutive years from 2011 to this year (2022), and it will tie for 3rd place all-time and 2nd place[*3]. ]update. “Trust Me, Trust You.” is the theme song for the TV drama “Tomodachi Game R4” (TV Asahi) starring Fuma Kikuchi, and was written by singer-songwriter Dai Hirai. Additionally, the coupling song includes the opening theme “Sleepless” for the drama “Akai Nurse Call” (TV series Tokyo) with Katsutoshi Sato. From December 16, the first dome tour of Sexy Zone “Sexy Zone Dome Tour 2022 The Highlight” will take place.[*1]”Debut single” excludes the group’s solo debut, re-debut, etc.[*2]Based on the release year of the first (1st) work, based on the Oricon annual ranking calculation period of each year[* 3]Record of “number of consecutive years of winning singles since the first (1st) year” (tied in order of success) / 1st place: KinKi Kids (1997-2022, 26 consecutive years) *Continuous, 2nd place: Kis -My-Ft2 (2011-2022, 12 consecutive years) *Ongoing, Sexy Zone (2011-2022, 12 consecutive years) *Ongoing, 4th place: KAT-TUN (2006-2016, 11 2012-2022, 11 years consecutive), Nogizaka46 (2012-2022, 11 consecutive years)

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