Shohei Ohtani ‘One-Handed Hyoi’ Impact Bullet Knocked Out Enemy Broadcasting Station ‘Too Hard’ | Full Count

Otani, who scored Garcia’s first two runs on a third no-out chance in the first inning.

Astros 12-4 Angels (12th time in Japan, Houston)

On the 11th (12th Japan time), Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani hit a 2-run homer #34 for the first time in three games against the Astros. When he started as the “#2/designated hitter”, he hit a home run at first with a follow-up with only his right hand to the pit. The enemy radio station was stunned by this hit, saying, “I took it with one hand.”

It was a first-time chance without a death at third base. Ohtani recovered the low outside curve thrown by right-hander Garcia. The timing was off and the posture was broken. The follow up is a right hand. Still, the batted ball hit the right wing support and became the No. 34 2 preemptive run.

“Ohtani is so strong! To be able to reach out and send this over Wright’s fence,” said Todd Karas, commentator for Astros broadcaster “AT&T Sportsnet Southwest.” Commentator Jeff Blum also couldn’t hide his surprise, saying, “The lower part of the body was broken. It was open, but I let my hand go and grabbed it with one hand.”

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