Shohei Otani is ‘not human’ with one hand on substitute No.34 ‘Why are you in it? ” | Full Count

Fans were surprised by the first 2-point shot in Game 1 against the Astros

Astros 12-4 Angels (12th time in Japan, Houston)

Angels pitcher Shohei Otani, who hit the No. 34 2-pointer for the first time in three games against the Astros on the 11th (Japan time 12th). Fans also raised their voices in surprise, saying, “I just gave him a light shake with one hand” and “He’s not human.” The Angels lost 4-12.

Wazaari’s arc jumped on the chance of an undefeated third in the first inning. Ohtani caught a low outside curve thrown by right-hander Garcia with a right hand. Although the timing was off and the balance was lost, the batted ball went into the right wing stands. It was a 2-point streak that reached 500 RBI in Japan and the United States, which was approaching one more RBI.

On the official Angels Twitter account, which posted a video of the snap, fans commented, “Amazing! I feel like I always hit a home run the day after I throw it,” “I got it. just shook it lightly with one hand. Wow!” Japanese fans also commented, “Why did you put that on?”

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