“Splatoon 3” sold over 3.45 million copies in Japan within 3 days of its release. Squid’s attack to rewrite the fastest national sales of Switch games – AUTOMATON

Nintendo announced on September 12 that domestic sales of “Splatoon 3” exceeded 3.45 million copies in just three days after its release. It is said to be the highest number of sales in Japan for three days after the release of the software for Nintendo Switch.

“Splatoon 3” is the latest installment in the “Splatoon” series. The setting is Bankara, a local town in chaos. Nestled in the Bangkala region, this city has grown rapidly through redevelopment. A territorial battle is taking place in this local town. As a rule, they are divided into two teams of 4 against 4, and the winner is determined by the size of the field. Although the rules of previous games remain the same, actions such as squid roll, squid roll and squid spawn are added to create three-dimensional battles.

Splatoon 3 will be released for Nintendo Switch on September 9. It is said that 3.45 million numbers were accumulated in three days from then. Speaking of “Splatoon”, the first generation has a history of over one million “global sales” in one month. Sales of “Splatoon 2” were also strong, and it was revealed that cumulative sales exceeded 10 million as of May 2020. “Splatoon 3” appears to have sold more than the previous two.

What’s interesting is that it was reported as a single unit as “domestic sales” instead of global. The “Splatoon” series is a particularly popular shooter in Japan. I think global sales will be reported in the future, but it looks like Nintendo itself is feeling a response to only reporting in Japan.

“Splatoon 3” has become easier to play as game content. The introduction of a lobby makes it easier to practice, and even if you lose, you can receive a title and be recognized for your contribution. Even for new players, this will be a definitive version that’s easier to grasp than previous works.

Splatoon 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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