“Taimanin GOGO! ]The official website has been released.rogue-like action game

Gremony Co., Ltd. will open on September 12 (Monday),“Taimanin GOGO! 』ofOfficial sitepublished.

This work is an adult game released in 2005.Taimanin Asagicontinue to“Taimanin”The last in the series. In recent years, the series, which was developed as a work for all ages, was announced on September 5 (Monday) as a new title for smartphones.Official teaser siteA mysterious countdown was taking place.

On September 12 (Monday), the official website opened when the countdown ended, and information about the original character, main visual, and official logo was also released.distorted pop stuffSecond, it exudes an atmosphere that distinguishes it from previous works in the “Taimanin” series.

from the official website“Ean Per Action Sensitivity”“Even I can become Taimanin with a simple operation”As you can see from the description, this is an action game that uses simple operations for smartphones.

In the PV released at the same time, action scenes are also shown, albeit slightly, and you can see how you fight against many enemies from a top-down perspective. Additionally, training items such as equipment and character building,roguelike elementsHe seems to be ready.

“Taimanin GOGO!  ]The official website has been released.  For roguelike action games_001
(Picture isYouTube “Taimanin GOGO! ”PV”That)

“Taimanin GOGO! ]should be released in the fall of 2022 for smartphones (iOS, Android).alreadyApp storeWheregoogle playWe are accepting pre-registrations from etc. and we are also running a campaign where the content of the giveaway will be gorgeous depending on the number of registrants. If you are interested, why not register in advance?

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