Tochigi National Policy ‘Aoko’ Long-Distance Swimming Competition Canceled… City Venue, Measures ‘didn’t stress’ -Yomiuri Shimbun Online

  1. Tochigi “Aoko” national policy long-distance swimming competition canceled… Venue city, measures “not considered important”Yomiuri Shimbun online
  2. Nagashima Yumi Anna Aoko performs in the venue pond and the national OWS competition is canceled “The players who have adjusted for this tournament…”Appendix Sponichi
  3. Even if the competition is cancelled… Two athletes take the oath for next year’s national policy, step to the sea | Sports, large prefectures | Shimotsuke Shimbun “COMING SOON” News |Shimotsuke Diary
  4. The site is all green National open water is planned for the first time at the pond : Asahi Shimbun DigitalAsahi Shimbun Digital
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