UCHIYAMA CUP ends, organizer Yasutaka Uchiyama “I want to develop this tournament in Sapporo” (tennis365.net) – Yahoo! News


[Vidéo]What is the UCHIYAMA CUP organized by Yasutaka Uchiyama in his hometown of Sapporo?

The tournament will be held for the first time in 2021 in Uchiyama’s hometown of Sapporo (Sapporo City Hiragishi Tennis Stadium). The event was held in the hope that tennis fans and children can see professional tennis up close and give back to local Hokkaido. Also last year it was held without spectators due to the corona disaster. Last year it was held as JTT1 of the National Tour, and this year it was held for two consecutive weeks as an ITF International Tournament (total prize $25,000). Here are the results for each week’s singles and doubles finals:[SEMAINE 1]Singles Final (1) Rio Noguchi vs (7) Shuichi Sekiguchi, 4-6, 7-5, 6-2 Doubles Final (4) Takuto Niki/Takeshi Yuzuki vs (2) Rinpei Kawakami/Tajima Naoki, 3-6 , 6-4, [10-8]

[SEMAINE 2]Single Final Rio Noguchi[1] against Ryoma Ito[6]Yuhei Kono/Yusuke Kusuhara vs. Shigeru Isomura/Yamato Sueoka, 7-5, 4-6, [10-6]

On the 11th, organizer Uchiyama announced a comment on the tournament summary and the importance of holding it.[Commentaire de Yasutaka Uchiyama]As an international tournament, it was a big step for us to be able to hold it for the first time this year since the corona disaster. It must have been a great opportunity for the athletes aiming to compete on the world stage, and we received comments from spectators saying they had a great time. Even during the event, many young children and adults came to play tennis. Also, many thanks to the management staff, referees, ball players and volunteers. Without being instructed by anyone, each of them thought about what was the best thing to do and acted when they noticed it. I feel that I will do my job not to lose against these people, and I am able to lead the tournament with joy, happiness and energy, and now I am full of fulfillment. Since the corona crisis, it has become the norm around the world to hold several lower level tournaments in one place. This will reduce the risk of infection, reduce travel costs for players, and even if they lose, they can practice, which will raise the level of their game. We can expect a synergistic effect that will increase motivation players and will make the tournament even better by having many people interested and visiting. Also, watching the athletes’ matches closely, I think it will improve the level of Hokkaido athletes. If we aim for this tournament to take root in Sapporo, I think we can make a big difference not only in Hokkaido but also in the world of tennis in Japan. In order to spread the message in the future, I would like to ask for the help of many people and develop this tournament in Sapporo.


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