‘Woman is Bad’ for Hayato Sakamoto Giants OB Abortion Issues Report Masaki Kasahara Defends… ‘Completely False’ Also Reviewed: J-CAST News[Affichage du texte intégral]

On September 12, 2022, Masao Kasahara, a former Giants professional baseball player, posted a video on YouTube, where he developed a theory about the Giants’ abortion issues, Hayato Sakamoto reported by Bunshun Online.

  • Hayato Sakamoto (Photo: Itaru Chiba/Aflo)

    Hayato Sakamoto (Photo: Itaru Chiba/Aflo)

  • Hayato Sakamoto (Photo: Itaru Chiba/Aflo)

“What are you doing?

Regarding Sakamoto, an article published by Bunshun Online on the 10th reported an abortion problem with a former woman in love based on the testimony of a close friend. The two met on a drunken night out over two years ago, and they date at Sakamoto’s once or twice a month. Even after learning that he had a girlfriend, the woman who had feelings of regret went to Sakamoto when he called.

According to the article, the woman began having sex without contraception and used the morning after pill several times, but later found out she was pregnant. When she told Sakamoto that she was pregnant, she was shocked by various words that wanted an abortion and attempted suicide.

The Yomiuri Giants responded to Bunshun’s interview that Sakamoto had apologized to the woman and that they had settled through each other’s attorneys. He also said that after the settlement, the woman contacted him several times and the lawyers consulted again to prevent the two men from communicating directly with each other.

In response to the report, Mr. Kasahara, a former giant, released a video titled “Giant Sakamoto talks about the abortion problem” and elaborated on his theory. It is time. He said he had doubts about what was reported in the

Mr. Kasahara said, “I’m sure there are viewers who think ‘Kasahara is going to be on Hayato’s side anyway,’ but it’s true. It’s true! Yes, that’s the fault of the wife!”, laughed.

“If you want to hit me, hit me.”

Mr Kasahara continued: “I’m sorry to say ‘women are bad’, but I have a child… I really want to break up, baseball player.”

Mr. Kasahara said, “I think you can resist if the woman feels rejected,” and said, “Don’t go (to Sakamoto). I want to go to Mr. Sakamoto and see him (if you don’t like it). “I can’t believe you’re posting this while you’re in a colony,” he said.

Mr. Kasahara said, “If you want to hit me, please hit me. I’m on the Kasahara Channel, Hayato Sakamoto’s side. From now on, no matter what, I know the personality of Hayato Sakamoto.” “This time it’s the woman’s fault,” he repeated.

Mr. Kasahara’s request was met with votes of pros and cons in the comments section. Although there are comments in favor of Mr. Kasahara, such as “If you settle out of court, you can’t get out” and “It’s exactly as Mr. Kasahara said. If you don’t don’t like it, it’s okay if you don’t see it.”

“Kasahara’s Unreasonable Excuse”
“It’s completely wrong to say it’s okay because it’s settled out of court. Learn ethics.”
“Kasahara criticizes women because ‘this matter has been exposed to the world’, but that doesn’t change the fact that Sakamoto did something wrong, does it? It’s not a story, you know ?

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