‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ official ‘Stationery Grade’ style items ‘I came to stab the old otaku’-Nijimen

September 12, 2022
Monday 15:33

Commemoration of the 35th anniversary of Yoshihiro Togashi’s career as a painterexposure”Exhibition Yoshihiro Togashi -Puzzle-Released atYu Yu Hakushohas become a hot topic, especially among female otaku!

“Yoshihiro Togashi Exhibition -PUZZLE-” official goods “Yu Yu Hakusho” note book is a hot topic

In this exhibit, Mr. Togashi’s handwritingmanga manuscriptWherecolor illustrationSuch,350 points or more in totalOriginal drawings and valuable production materials have been released.

sold at these exhibitionsYu Yu Hakushothe notebookhas become a hot topic on SNS.

The “Yu Yu Hakusho” notebook looks like graduated stationery…!


Please pay attention to the coloring of the “Yu Yu Hakusho” notebook which has become a hot topic this time!

This is…this gradation color is…

graduate station paperI can only see it! ! !


Gradation stationery is an abbreviation of gradation stationery.Doujin products popular in the 90sIt is one of

Quality stationery was given away as a bonus when purchasing doujinshi, and it was a popular item among general attendees who wanted to preserve their memories of attending the event as it was cheaper than doujinshi such as manga and novels. .

Grade stationery (memo book) stick to those 90s geeks,Official releaseThe day will come…!

On Twitter “It’s too nostalgic to blow… Hey, it’s official! ?」「official is the best」「The official came to stab the old otaku wThere were comments such as “I can’t hide my surprise even though I’m immersed in memories.”

“Yoshihiro Togashi Exhibition -PUZZLE-” official merchandise has a big impact! ?

In addition to this, the official product line of “Yoshihiro Togashi Exhibition -PUZZLE-” has a great impact.

▲ “HUNTER×HUNTER” Gon no Aritake no Ruler: 2,200 yen (tax included)

Level E coverage

▲ “Level E” blanket * Deep craft psychology: 4,620 yen (tax included)

▲ “HUNTER x HUNTER” Killua’s “I’m addict to sound and move” bedroom shoes: 3,080 yen (tax included)

The products shown here are only a part, so please check the official website for details.

Click here for more details on “The Yoshihiro Togashi -PUZZLE- Exhibition”

“Yoshihiro Togashi Exhibition -PUZZLE-” Official PV unveiled! “Yu Yu Hakusho” “Level E” “HUNTER x HUNTER” appears

this product you

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