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(C) Kaneto Yamada, Abetsukasa/Shogakukan/”Funeral Free Len” Production Committee

The “Weekly Shonen Sunday” serialization of Shogakukan “Sousou no Free Len” will be animated. Visual andanime official websiteofficial twitter anime (@anime_freeze) has been published. Comments from original writer Yamada Shohito and cartoonist Abetsukasa have also arrived.

Funeral Freelen is set in the world “after” the Demon King has been defeated by the Hero and his party, and depicts the journey of Freelen, a wizard who overthrew the Demon King with the Hero, who lived for over a thousand years, and the people she meets, a work that continues. With the release of the last volume 9 on September 15, the total circulation of the comic has exceeded 7.2 million copies. In 2021, it won the grand prize “Manga Award 2021” and the “25th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award” new generation award.

In the published visual, the main character, Freelen, is drawn with a bright moon in the background, staring at something and holding a cane. Further information such as production studio, staff and cast will be announced at a later date.

Yamada Shoto (Original) Comment

Thanks to all the readers and the artist Abetsukasa-sensei, I was able to make an anime out of it. Much obliged.

I am amazed at the enthusiasm of the production team, listening to stories about the anime production site and sending set pictures every time.

I’m also very happy that you are thinking about various things on the free path. I look forward to the free len moving in the anime.

Encouraged by this, I will do my best to create better works!

Abetsukasa (Drawing) Commentary

Funeral Free Len becomes an anime! It’s like a dream. Thank you very much to all the readers who always support me.

And thanks to Mr. Yamada, the original author, and to all those who participated in this work. I can’t wait for them to start moving.

thank you very much. fun!


After a 10-year adventure with the heroes Himmel, the wizard Freelen has defeated the Demon King and brought peace to the world. An elf who has lived for over a thousand years, she promises to see Himmel and others again and travels alone. Fifty years later, Freelen visits Himmel, but Himmel is old and has little time to live. After this, witnessing Himmel’s death, he vividly realizes that he never “knew the people”, and regrets it, and embarks on a journey to “know the people”. During this trip, various meetings with various people and various events awaited him.

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