Both coaches leave in Shohei Otani game

Manager Francona: “I was raising my hand for a replay, but the ref didn’t see it.”

■ Guardians 5-4 Angels (13th time in Japan, Cleveland)

A rare event occurred in the Guardians-Anges match, where both coaches left the match around the same time.

7th inning, 2nd and 3rd base, in which the Guardians won by 1 run. The second slider thrown by right-hander Tepera appeared to hit Jimenez’s left foot, but the decision was a bullet. Francona requested a replay, but referee Krupa refused. The general was furious. He approached the referee in a violent tone and was sent off. Francona was sent off for the third time this season (47th overall). After the match, he told local media: “I raised my hand for a replay, but the referee didn’t see it.”

The hubbub does not subside. The referee “talks” to Tepera who tried to practice throwing for the resumption of the match. Acting director Nevin was furious at this. Despite being sent off for the fourth time after clashing with the referee, caretaker manager Nevin said: “I didn’t allow Tepera to practice throwing. I don’t understand. He stayed in the field for about five or six minutes. I don’t have any intention of leaving this place until Tepera is cleared to practice throwing,” he continued bluntly. your passionate after the game.

“I wanted to practice throwing two pitches,” Tepera said. I didn’t train”, but I replied: “I don’t know how long it will take. “The referee apologized during the inning.”

A false point directly affects the referee during the attack of the Angels with 2 deaths in the 9th round. Play was suspended for eight minutes and the referee was replaced. It was an endless game.

(Masaya Kotani)

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