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Other photosThis project takes songs that reflect the landscape of the heart and visualizes them as an original story. This time, “Sora wo Yomu”, “Mascara Matsuge”, “TRUE, BABY TRUE” from DREAMS COME TRUE. The staff includes Megumi Okada. The synopsis of “Spirilla” is about Kaoru, who lives in the suburbs of Tokyo and wants to have friends in her heart. A miraculous day begins when you ask them both, “Do you want to walk together?” Performers include Yoshi Tsuchimura, Aki Maeda and Rika Adachi. Tsuchimura received an offer to appear and said, “There was a time when I played CDs, thinking that if I worked really hard, I could be that (Miwa Yoshida) voice too. I liked songs with lyrics and melodies.” This is a story about three people who, while having problems, meet and support each other as friends rather than lovers or marriage partners. If you don’t stop and step forward with a bit of courage, it’s a job that encourages you to meet new friends and a new world, so I would be happy if you could see it.” Maeda said “Since I was little, Dreamcomm songs have been close to me and I was very excited when I heard about this drama. I also really like the world described by Yoshikazu Okada, so I thought it would be a dream collaboration for “If I had the courage, something like this could happen… Myself, I wanted make a small miracle. We all live in anxiety and worries, but it is precisely because of this time that we take a step forward. ” I think it’s a job to think about. Also, I personally like riding the bus, so I also like the story that starts there. In the drama, I hear Spirilla from Drecom for the first time. With the characters. I can’t wait to see what color it will be when they overlap. Adachi also said, “I think there have been movies and dramas based on songs, but I never thought Dreamcomm songs would be turned into dramas like this. right? I think it’s a drama full of things like how these three people who have these worries are going to get along, and what kind of adult friendship this is. , Please, take a look!” commented. Director Kiuchi, who was in charge of directing this time, said, “This time, Yoshi Tsuchimura, Aki Maeda and Rika Adachi, who appeared at this time, live in the suburbs of Tokyo, live in a similar environment, live a similar life, and have similar experiences. I played a woman in her thirties with a similar feeling. Three people who had known each other for a long time, but had never spoken to each other, but one day something happened. product that suddenly It’s a story that continues. The three people talk about their worries and conflicts and recognize each other. Each in the cast played their respective roles in their own way, and each role is that work. ‘by comparing him with yourself, viewers will be able to empathize with him and be able to resonate with him. a girl’s party. are having fun in a harmonious way, as if they were opening a theater, and this joyful atmosphere permeates the work.” ‘Spirilla’ is the basis of this story, and I hope viewers will enjoy Mr. Yoshikazu Okada’s original script, which was born from the song.’ said. Okada Yoshikazu said, “It took more than a year from the start of the story to the end of the poem,” Nakamura said. I feel like I’m in a position that I can’t really enjoy, and I’m really excited. I wonder what will happen.” Asked by Masato Nakamura, “Probably, Mr. Okada, in the first request, there was a ballad that was a little soulful. What did you expect at first?” Under the assumption that something like something that would make you cry or feel like Dreamcomb was coming, I was working on the other four, and I ended up being the last one, so two people (I was in charge of another episode) I felt everything I said to the writers (Mako Watanabe, Maka Hamada) came back like a boomerang, so I felt pressure for the first time since long time.” In response to Nakamura’s remarks, “What a weird song came up,” Okada said, “At first, I thought it was going to be heavy. In terms of cooking, I feel like everything is on top. Something really sturdy, that’s interesting,” voicing the new song. In response to this response, Nakamura said, “I thought so too. Ah, that’s how it is. When Yoshida comes up with a song, he takes a lot of things into consideration, and after all, he’s doing something that everyone wait. . I thought it was going to happen, but I was surprised to find something I didn’t expect this time. How can I tell you, Yoshida grabbed the present more than we thought.” Regarding the finished drama, Nakamura said, “It was a drama in which each of the women created a miracle at that moment. hope that “something” in your daily life is amazing. Many people will follow the challenge of this theater project. I think it will come. It is because there was ‘Five Poetry’ that this kind of movement happened. watch it on Star Channel many times, so look forward to it.” Okada commented, “In the sense that I wanted to portray the moment when the small miracle that Mr. Nakamura is talking about is activated, I was inspired by Mr. Dreamcom, and I think a good drama has been completed. scripts I’ve written so far. , I’ve created something that I really love. I hope you enjoy this wonderful collaborative work.” (C) 2022 Tohokushinsha

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