“Fit Boxing Fist of the North Star You are already thin” announced, released on December 22. As an exercise game, Kenshiro guides players, and the curtain rises on the “body creation legend of the end of the century”

Imagineer announced on the news program “Nintendo Direct 2022.9.13” “Fit North Star Fist Boxing You are already thinannouncement. The official website and the official Twitter account have also been opened.

The target platform is Nintendo Switch. The release date is December 22 (Thursday) and the price is 7678 yen including tax.

“Fit Boxing Fist of the North Star You’re Already Thin”fit boxing“and manga”fist of the north star]is a collaborative exercise game.

The scene is “The world is ruled by exercise”. A new “legend of the end of the century physical injuries (bodybuilding)” opens to overcome the lack of daily exercise and build physical strength.

 Official website openIt is revealed that Kenshiro, Jagi, and Zako will appear. From the silhouette, you can see that many familiar original characters will appear.

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Characters such as KenshiroGuiding players as a coachIt seemsIn addition, the “Daily Training Daily” and “Free Kumite Free” modesSupports two-player simultaneous playdo.

The BGM is an anime“Ai wo Toremodose!!”, “TOUGH BOY”, “Yuria…Forever”, “SILENT SURVIVOR”A total of 20 familiar songs will appear.

“Fit Boxing Hokuto no Ken You Are Already Thin” will be released on Thursday, December 22.

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