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Mr. Genichiro Tenryu

It was revealed on the 13th that former professional wrestler Genichiro Tenryu (72), hospitalized with myelopathy and spinal stenosis, will undergo surgery this week. On that day, the “Tenryu Project” management office announced on the official website that he was going to undergo surgery in order to avoid a high-risk situation as soon as possible.

On the official website, first of all, “Last weekend, I heard from my doctor about the detailed health condition and the future. After reporting it, “It’s suddenly, but in order to avoid a high-risk situation as soon as possible, we decided to perform the surgery within a week. The rehabilitation period after surgery is currently 2 months to a maximum of 6 months. It’s scheduled for a while.”

Scheduled to be held on the 25th of this month “Genichiro Tenryu,Stan HansenRegarding Mr. Tenryu’s talk show, autograph session and photo shoot, the format will be changed to respect Mr. Tenryu’s wishes.

On the official website, it is announced that the sponsored performances of September and October will be absent. “For the time being, Genichiro Tenryu will also be absent from sponsored performances from November. We will report on when we can return to venues, etc.”

Besides that, he said, “I’m really sorry for the inconvenience caused by the many changes. Tenryu himself is also working positively on the treatment day by day, so that he can show his healthy appearance as soon as possible. possible”. report on the current situation.

On the 2nd of this month, “Project Tenryu” announced on its official website that he was hospitalized due to severe cervical spinal cord injury. “On this occasion,Genichiro TenryūHowever, following a detailed examination, a diagnosis of extensive cervical spinal cord injury was made and he is currently hospitalized. The burden I have carried on my body for many years of active life has recently become a noticeable symptom, and this is not a new injury. According to the doctor’s diagnosis at that time, the risk of sudden death is extremely high as a conceivable situation due to pressure on the nerves, and rest is necessary, including treatment and follow-up.” reported.

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