[Gourmet choquant]Discover a shiny black udon at Gunma! It’s a weird name and visual that makes you go back to the menu, but the taste, texture and throat were excellent / Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture | Rocket News 24

As for the belts worn by holders of the martial arts rank, it is the black belt. The black belt looks great on the white uniform and is very cool. It seems that there is an “udon” that is very similar to such a black belt.

that name too…“Black belt”. The black, flat noodles are immersed in the soy milk soup, which is impressive.huh, a lotUdon with spiritis not it. ……I do not care. Let’s eat a little.

・Explore famous udon production areas

That’s why I came to Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture. In this regionFlat udon noodles called himokawa are famousApparently. The udon that I will eat from now on are probably of this type.

There seems to be a (free) bike rental point around every train station in town, so let’s cycle to the udon restaurant at your destination. I have some time until opening, so I’ll hang around town.

Mountains, rivers, good old townscapes… It’s a nice place.

Posters of Ryoko Shinohara, an actor from Kiryu City, are posted all over town, which is a highlight. I can’t get enough of my guesswork.

Also, udon restaurants can be found here and there. Every time I pass the store, I can’t help but smell it. Ah, I’m hungry… I thought, but the destination is“Tanumaya”Arrive at.

Is it possible to eat udon that looks like a black belt here? Fufu, I’m so excited.

・Tanumaya’s “Black Belt”

Let’s go into the store right away. I am sorry.

The store has a Japanese atmosphere. It’s nice, the table and the counter are not cluttered. I like simplicity.

I looked through the menu, but today“Black Belt (950 yen including tax)”. Close the menu quickly and order from the staff.You can choose hot or cold soymilk for noodles and soup.That’s what I’m talking about. It’s hot outside and it’s cold outside.

After a while after ordering, customers who seem to be regulars follow one another to the store. And everyone ordered “curry udon” at the same time. …… Uh, are you serious? I was kind of shaken, thinking, “Who’s the best guy here?”

Wow, what a visual. …… I don’t want to say that, butLike coffee jelly with milkis. These are not candies.

Next to it is a small bowl filled with hot curry. Hey… can it be curry udon! ? Looking at the menu…

“Roasted Spice Curry” is clearly written.I thought it would just be noodles and soy milk, but the point is to eat it with curry.I do not know. Anyway, I was wrong.

The aroma of this curry stimulates your appetite… Gokuri, my throat involuntarily echoes.

・I tried “Kuroobi”

When I grabbed it with chopsticks, it really looked like a black belt. Wide bamboo charcoal and soymilk soup noodles are often intertwined, giving them a shiny black appearance. ……beautiful

and,A noodle is ridiculously long!Looks like it will be worth eating.

Pour the curry over the noodles in a small plate. Cold noodles and hot curry might be a good combination.

When you try to eat it, the noodles are chewy and chewy. and,Spicy curry and lightly sweetened soy milk are blended in an exquisite and delicious balance. It’s spicy at first, but gets sweeter as you chew. The smooth texture of the noodles is also nice.

Rather than sucking the noodles, it is better to fold them and put them in your mouth. Compared to regular udon noodles,Although it is a bit difficult to eat, it has a good texture. By the way, I couldn’t smell the charcoal flavor of the noodles at all. Apparently, edible bamboo charcoal is tasteless and odorless.

This “Kuroobi” is not only visually impressive, but also full of flavor and volume. Next time you come, you might want to order hot noodles and soy milk. Also, there was a white version of the noodles called “Shiraobi” on the menu, so it might be a good idea to try that too. Come back here when it’s cold.

・ Detailed restaurant data introduced this time

Name of the shop Tanumaya
address6-7-11 Higashi, Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture
time11:30 a.m.〜2 p.m. / 5 p.m.〜7 p.m.

writing:Takamichi Furusawa

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