Grown up Terada Kokoro-kun ‘looks like Go Ayano’ Surprised by 14-year-old’s current appearance ‘Voice and appearance look like a different person’: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Child actor Kokoro Terada (14) will appear in “Shabekuri 007” (Nippon TV) broadcast on September 12, 2022. The current appearance of being a sophomore in middle school is causing a stir among viewers.

  • Kokoro Terada at the age of 8 (Photo: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/Aflo)

    Kokoro Terada at the age of 8 (Photo: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/Aflo)

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    From “Shabekuri 007” Official Twitter

  • Kokoro Terada at the age of 8 (Photo: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/Aflo)
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Thinking back to his childhood, “I think I was an exuberant back then.”

Mr Terada, who appeared in a dark suit and dark red tie, is said to have grown about 25 centimeters since his last appearance two years ago, and his voice has changed.

“Neptune” co-star Taizo Harada who witnessed the growth was surprised, “What’s that atmosphere like?” Yoshimi Tokui from “Tutorial” said, “Seriously! Atmosphere,” he tsukkomi.

At that time, about an adult answer that didn’t hurt anyone was a topic, “I think I was a mean person at that time,” and said, “I was talking a lot , I was having a good time, and I was in a good mood.

A life-size panel from that time appears in the studio and analyzes why he grew up, saying, “I joined the basketball club in middle school, and recently I’ve been training on my own, so I think I’ve grown.”

Become a handsome guy with a salty face! ?Audience Attention

Additionally, when asked about the episode that made him feel like he wasn’t a kid anymore, he said he changed his voice and it became easier to sing “Cat” (DISH// ) instead of “Hakujitsu” (King Gnu), and that his grandfather pushed him to visit temples and shrines. He revealed that he was addicted to tours.

On the other hand, he likes to make sweets, make Mont Blanc pancakes and matcha milk to eat with friends, and during school outings, to prevent Terada from being unmasked, tall friends surround him and keep him in check. out of sight. he has gone into hiding and is said to have a fulfilling school life.

Viewers were surprised at Mr. Terada’s growth, saying, “The growth of children is strange” and “Now it’s not ‘Terada Kokoro-kun’ but ‘Terada Kokoro-san’…” . Besides being high, it is pointed out one after another that he has a face similar to actor Go Ayano.

“Terada Kokoro, after 20 years, will you become Ayano Go?
“You grew up to be perfect for Terada Kokoro-kun and Ayano Go-san’s childhood…I want to see it.”
“I feel like a well-mannered Go Ayano. No, I’m not saying Go Ayano is bad, but it’s like a gentle Go Ayano without being wild.”
“Terada Kokoro-kun, do you look like Ayano Go?! When did you become so mature?! Your voice and appearance are like a different person!”

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