Hayato Sakamoto, who has abortion problems, “I want you to play flashy without change” Ale of the former giant, Masaki Kasahara is controversial “What do you think people’s lives?” : J-CAST News[Full text display]

In a video uploaded to YouTube on September 12, 2022, former professional baseball giant Masao Kasahara once again developed his own theory on giant Hayato Sakamoto’s abortion issues, reported by Bunshun Online.

Mr. Kasahara also mentioned this report in the 11th video. He made controversial statements on the internet repeatedly making remarks in defense of Sakamoto, saying, “Women are bad.”

  • Hayato Sakamoto (Photo: AP/Aflo)

    Hayato Sakamoto (Photo: AP/Aflo)

  • Hayato Sakamoto (Photo: AP/Aflo)

“Mr. Sakamoto will definitely watch this video.”

Regarding Sakamoto, an article published by Bunshun Online on the 10th reported an abortion problem with a former woman in love based on the testimony of a close friend. Sakamoto and the woman get to know each other at a drunken party and go on a date, but they don’t get to know each other. Even after learning that he had a girlfriend, the woman who had feelings of regret went to Sakamoto when he called.

According to the article, the woman began having sex without contraception and used the morning after pill several times, but later found out she was pregnant. When she told Sakamoto she was pregnant, she was shocked when she said she wanted an abortion and she attempted suicide.

The Yomiuri Giants responded to Bunshun’s interview that Sakamoto had apologized to the woman and that they had settled through each other’s attorneys. He also said that after the settlement, the woman contacted him several times and the lawyers consulted again to prevent the two men from communicating directly with each other.

Mr. Kasahara defended Sakamoto in a video posted on the 11th. “If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t go. Isn’t it a question of once or twice?

The next day, the 12th, Mr. Kasahara posted a video titled “There is something I want to say to Hayato-san.” “This video is for Mr. Sakamoto… Mr. Sakamoto will definitely watch it,” he said.

“In this case, I think every man has said something to a woman at least once. I said

“Don’t be depressed at all”

Mr. Kasahara said, “Do this to women…I wonder what it is, it’s normal. You don’t have to. There are a lot of people who must be depressed, like me. There are people who did bad things and got kicked out of baseball, like me.”

He continued, “I’m sure it will be worked out over time. Well, you know, I might be told that for the rest of my life, but it’s okay to say things like that. It’s good, Hayato-san. You’ll always play flashy. I want it.” I sent an email.

Mr Kasahara referred to the series of comments that hit him on Twitter, but again stressed: “But it’s the woman’s fault. The woman’s fault!”

“You’re recording. You’re recording on the assumption that it will be released to the world. First of all, in conversations about what to do with this kid, it’s already boring to say you’re recording. I am gonna expose it to the world (so ain’t it?)

I developed my theory. Besides that, he said, “I will be attacked by the public on Twitter instead of Hayato-san!”

Mr. Kasahara, who once again defended Sakamoto with strong words, received a series of pros and cons.

“If it’s a flammable business, that’s fine, but if you’re serious, you should relearn morals and ethics.”
“What do you think of human life?
“When I hear things like that, I wonder what they think of women.”

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