Hayato Sakamoto’s abortion issues are ‘not an act that can be tolerated as a single person’ and ‘should be written off’ Voices calling for strict team response: J-CAST News

A giant who is slow in the lower ranks. The target of criticism is Captain Hayato Sakamoto.

According to an article published by Bunshun Online on September 10, 2022, when a woman in her twenties who had a physical relationship told Sakamoto that she was pregnant, he said, “If you want to take it off, it’s better to take it out sooner, isn’t it?” He is said to have said something like he wants an abortion. A mentally stuck woman is in a situation where she tries to kill herself It is said that the settlement between the parties was established, but the content was shocking.

  • Hayato Sakamoto (Photo: AP/Aflo)

    Hayato Sakamoto (Photo: AP/Aflo)

  • Hayato Sakamoto (Photo: AP/Aflo)

Players from other teams also asked, “Are you okay, Mr. Sakamoto?”

“Players from other teams asked me, ‘How are you, Sakamoto-san? I don’t feel comfortable talking to my teammates on the bench.’ (Sports journalist)

There are also plenty of voices doubting the Giants baseball forward’s response to the “abortion issues report” this time around.

“Given the parties have settled out of court, they may not want to inflame the situation given the feelings of the victims, but there is no doubt that Giants fans were disappointed. Sakamoto will continue to play in the game as it is. If this report is true, it is not a tolerable act as a bachelor in front of a baseball player. In order to make them understand the seriousness of the matter, it is better to cancel the inscription I think. (Sports Paper Office)

There are 12 games left in the flag race. There is also a possibility of advancing to CS if Hanshin, who is chasing 3rd place with a 1.5 game difference, is knocked down. Will Sakamoto continue to participate in matches? It would be better to prepare for the fact that the headwind will not subside. (Kengo Nakamachi)

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