I Should Have Dipped Okinawa More Seriously… The Reason Why ‘Chimu Dondon’ Became The Worst Reputation In Asadora History ‘I Just Dumped Something Like Okinawa’ | PRESIDENT Online

NHK’s morning drama “Chimudondon” has been criticized on the internet. Columnist Takashi Kimura commented, “As a morning drama, it’s just a work that is neither poison nor medicine,” but the reviews on the Internet have increased and more people think that it is nothing but a poison. of Okinawa’s return to Japan, if he had gone deeper into Okinawa, the impression would have been different.”

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Severe disapproval of the “#Chimu Dondon Reflection Meeting”

Morning drama “Chimu Dondon” (NHK) still has three weeks until the final episode on September 30 and the goal is in sight. This work has created something outrageous that will have a great impact on the future Asadora.

It’s “#Chimu Dondon Reflection Meeting” written every day by some viewers. It’s a hashtag attached to tweets written each morning after the broadcast ends, and so far there are only a few left, and most of them are filled with harsh criticism.

The story and characters are mostly criticized, but as the broadcast progresses it escalates and screenwriter Daisuke Habara and star Yuna Kuroshima are blamed in name.defamationowlsI have come to see even things close to slander.

‘If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.’

The reason the criticism has escalated to such an extent is that the “if you don’t like it, you shouldn’t watch it” logic doesn’t work. For reasons like “asadora is part of my lifestyle” and “I pay NHK party fees”, people won’t forgive me for saying “it’s not good”.

Some of the media that saw such a situation wanted to report things like “Will it be a major shakeup? It can’t be done.” On the contrary, it has a relatively high viewership rating and contributes to the increase in views on NHK Plus.

Accordingly, why has the disapproval in the name of the “review meeting” become so exciting? Also, what did it take to earn the praise? I’m going to go into it from a flat point of view without getting carried away by the voices on the internet saying it’s a “bad job”.

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