Intellia East Asia News – 5,654 additional coronavirus cases recorded in Tokyo on September 12

The Japanese capital reported 5,654 coronavirus infections on September 12 after registering 7,750 cases the day before, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced.

It was revealed in mid-August that some of the daily cases attributed to areas outside Tokyo had been included in the capital’s daily infection figures since the start of this year. Excluding those cases, Tokyo’s total on September 12 was 5,495.

Infection numbers typically drop on Mondays, due to low testing numbers over the weekend, especially on Sundays.

There were 19 reported COVID-19 deaths in the capital on September 12, and Tokyo’s total coronavirus death toll stands at 5,655.

The capital is battling a seventh wave of coronavirus infections. In the first week of September, it averaged 11,344.3 cases per day. It recorded a total of 759,118 cases in August for a daily average of 24,487.7 infections. Tokyo recorded 567,728 total COVID-19 cases in July, averaging 18,313.8 per day.

Tokyo has so far recorded 3,048,301 coronavirus infections.

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