Naomi Osaka fell four places to 48th and Moeka Uchijima recorded a career high of 125th ( – Yahoo! News

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[Vidéo]Naomi Osaka responds to her loss with a smile to her fans

Osaka, aiming for her third US Open title in two years, lost in the first round to 19th seed David Collins (USA) in straight sets 6-7 (5-7), 3-6. he was defeated in the first game. This season, Uchijima has won the ITF Tour Lower Tournament three times and finished second once. Although he participated in the US Open in the qualifying rounds, he lost to E. Avaneshan in the qualifying finals, 5-7, 5-7, and did not participate in his first Grand Final. Slam. The Japanese Women’s WTA World Rankings as of September 13 are as follows. *[]Inside is the number of changes from the previous ranking, () is the previous point ■ 48th place[ ↓4 ]… Naomi Osaka 1,067 points (1,187 points) ■ 106th place[ ↓13 ]…Misaki Doi 615 points (655 points) ■125th place[ ↑4 ]… Moeka Uchijima 499 points (481 points) ■ 185th place[ ↑14 ]…Hibi vegetables 344 points (324 points) ■189th place[ ↑5 ]…May Hontama 339 points (336 points) ■207th place[ ↓11 ]…Yuki Naito 315 points (330 points) 238th place[ ↓4 ]…Nara Kurumi 276 points (288 points) ■297th place[ ↓51 ]… Kyoka Okamura 214 points (169 points) ■ 357th place[ ↑7 ]…Himeno Sakazume 159 points (168 points) 360th place[ ↓6 ]…Chihiro Muramatsu 159 points (166 points) ■382nd place[ ↑67 ]…Misaki Matsuda 144 points (111 points) ■400th place[ ↓14 ]…Sakura Hosoki 132 points (142 points)

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