‘ONE PIECE FILM RED’ Actor Ryotaro Okiayu Mentions Violation of Manners While Watching Scene – model press

Voice actor Ryotaro Okiayu, who appeared in “ONE PIECE FILM RED” and “SLUM DUNK,” updated his Twitter account on the 11th. He complained about moral violations during certain scenes.

Ryotaro Okiayu complains about ’embarrassing’ lapses in manners

Okiayu tweeted, “What is the intention of people ringing their cellphones (7-8 times in 2 hours) in areas that look like seats for officials, and people flashing their smartphones?”

He mentioned the current situation where some people do not follow good manners when watching the scene. Okiayu complained that such violation of morals was “an act that ruins the precious time of people who pay expensive tickets to see the scene”.

It looks like it happened on the actual scene, and he said, “I was in general headquarters, so I felt even angrier. » I finished the text. (modelpress writing)

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